3rd Summer Academy on the “Protection of Human Rights in Europe with emphasis on Refugee Rights”

The UNESCO Chair of Intercultural Policy for an Active Citizenship and Solidarity of the University of Macedonia is organizing the 3rd Summer Academy on the “Protection of Human Rights in Europe with emphasis on Refugee Rights”. The summer academy will last 24 hours from Friday, June 28 to Sunday, June 30, 2019. It will be held every afternoon in the conference room of the University of Macedonia (1st floor). The Summer Academy is co-organised with the collaboration of the Heinrich Boel Foundation – Thessaloniki in the framework of the Centre of Life Long Learning of the University of Macedonia.  Distinguished professors, academics and researchers will teach on topics concerning the protection of human rights and refugee rights. The lecturers are:

  • From the University of Macedonia: Associate Professor D. Anagnostopoulou (Director fo of the UNESCO Chair, Professor E. Alexandropoulou, and Dr. M. Milossi, Lawyer.
  • From the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Associate Professor L. Papadopoulou (Jean Monnet Chair), Associate Professor I. Papageorgiou and and Dr. N. Gaitenidis
  • From the Queen Mary University of London: Lecturer Dr. N. Vavoula
  • From the University of Utrecht: Dr. D. Rajska, Expert of the Coundil of Europe
  • From the Greek Council of Refugees Dr. E. Koutsouraki


In addition there will be four guest lecturers:

  1. a) D. Avramopoulos, Commissioner at the European Commission (video message)
  2. b) P. Mastakas, United Nations High Commission for Refugees – Beyond emergency response and transition : The search for durable solutions for refugees
  3. c)  M. Karavias, Director of the Asylum Service of Greece (to be confirmed)
  4. d) Dr. S. Kofinis, Judge at the Administrative Court, Member of the Authority for Adjudicating Asylum Denial Decisions, Asylum Procedures in Greece

The Summer Academy addresses several of the most contemporary challenges concerning human rights and rights of refugees. It aims at providing learners with a critical overview of the societal challenges of human trafficking, migration and asylum on different perspectives. Participants will also have the chance to exchange view and experiences regarding human rights, justice and the rule of law, freedom of religion, diversity including ideas on best practices. The topics discussed are the following:


  • International Protection of Human rights – UN System, The Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees and the EU Asylum system (Associate Professor I. Papageorgiou)
  • The EU Protection of Fundamental Rights, The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (Associate Professor L. Papadopoulou)
  • The European Court of Human Rights-the admissibility criteria, The Rights of Refugees (Dr. D. Rajska)
  • Protection of Personal Data (E. Alexandropoulou) and Personal Data of Refugees (Dr. M. Milossi)
  • Prohibition of racism and discrimination including LGBT rights (Associate Professor D. Anagnostopoulou)
  • Rights of Minorities and indigenous people / Freedom of Religion (Dr. N. Gaitenidis)

Analysis of the Return Directive and the relevant case law (Dr. N. Vavoula )

  • Responsibility sharing in refugee protection, The safe third country concept, The new migration deals e.g. with Turkey (Dr. E. Koutsouraki)

The Summer Academy is addressed to a broad audience, including judges, legal practitioners, journalists, political and social scientists, researchers in EU studies, teachers, NGOs, students of economic, legal and political disciplines, local, regional and national authorities, opinion leaders and the civil society.

The tuition for the summer seminar will be 194 €, and there will be the following reductions:

Reduction of  25% on the tuition for every member for every member of a team of 4 members and more who register at the same time = 145,5 €.

Reduction of 50% on the tuition for employees of the University of Macedonia = 97€.

Reduction of 15% on the tuition for those who have 3 children and more or are persons with invalidity or students or graduates of the University of Macedonia = 164.9 €.

Reduction of 10% on the tuition for those who possess a valid card of unemployment = 174.6 €.

Certificate of attendance will be awarded to everyone. However, participants passing the multiple-choice exam (50 questions) will be awarded a Certificate of Graduation by the Centre of Life Long Learning of the University of Macedonia with 3 Extracurricular ECTS based on the decision of the General Assembly of the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia.

Please register until June 22, 2019.

In order to apply please use the link http://seminars.uom.gr/index.php/application-form
down left you click “I accept the terms” – and then you choose “UNESCO Summer school” and fill in the application.

For more information, please contact +30 2310 891 442 or unescochair-intercultural@uom.edu.gr or for administrative support: +30 6983 001 110.

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